New exiting journey has begun a few month ago and we need to adjust to the new world.

Our few tips on how to work efficiency from home:

Maintain regular hours & Create a morning routine

Yes, woke up at your regular time and get ready for work as usual. Every morning you should have a routine even if it’s only for 10 minutes, it will create separation for you between a home and work modes.

Also, you can have some kind of a morning ritual, like making a coffee, a morning smoothie and drinking it while checking your emails. Moreover, you should consider making you a task list with tasks for the day, some people trained themselves and do not need to write it down, but some others need to do that.

Set ground rules with the people at home

Ask your family members not to bother you the first 2-3 hours, that will give you enough time to make some progress in the work and others can make their work until the…. Breakfast!

Schedule your meals and breaks every 2-3 hours and set a timer for it, remember that you have a deadline and at 5-6 you need to stop working! But if you are different, you can schedule work and home days and work whenever you feel that you are the most productive (if you are allowed, we usually work at 1-3 a.m).

Keep a dedicated office space

Do not live at your work. Sometimes it hard to find an office space at small places that is why we love IKEA. You can find there a lot of smart and practical solutions. You can put cart or bins to storage your staff and when you finish your work day – hide everything away!

Also, if you need to work on a computer, make sure that you have 2 separate computers or accounts.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if something doesn’t go as planned! We are all learning and good things can be born when there is a struggle.

Try to use humor to relive your stress!